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Yuba Ball Tread Tractor

By richard - Posted on 28 February 2014

The Yuba Manufacturing Co. of Marysville, California (formerly of Yuba City, Washington), USA bought the Ball-Tread Co. of Detroit, Michigan in 1914. The existing tractor line was then rebranded as Yuba. The Ball-Tread designed tractors had a design similar to the early Holt Manufacturing Company tractors like the Holt 75 with two tracks at the rear and a single front wheel to assist with steering, but their track system was of a unique design with a set of steel balls between each track and track frame to reduce friction (like a modern draw slider used in filing cabinets and some kitchen draws).

Yuba continued to manufacture and market the Ball-tread company's Model 12 and Model 18 tractors following the takeover. They later extended the range to include a 15-25 and 20-35 model. A huge 40-70 hp tractor was introduced in 1919 - which featured a full-length canopy, this machine weighed in at over 10 tons and was powered by an engine of Yuba's own design.

The tractor was suited to the local Californian citus growers with there dry sloping citrus groves, for which crawler tractors were well suited.

The last Yuba tractors rolled off the production line in 1931.

Yuba 12  12hp

Yuba 15-25  15hp

Yuba 18  18hp

Yuba 20-35  20hp

Yuba 40-70  40hp