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Things To Do This Summer

By richard - Posted on 23 April 2015

Reading the blogs that Donna wrote about all the events and shows all over the U.S.. caught my interest. My interest in all the antique equipment and the history behind it just gets my curiosity stirring. No, I do not wish I would have lived back then, but I do understand and appreciate the challenge and hard work that the farmers did each day to survive.

That brings us to today and summer threshing shows. They give all of us just a taste of what farmers had to do in the past. I say just a taste because I go to shows and walk around and watch other people crank the tractors and pitch the oat straw in the threshers.

There are so many things to see. Broom making, horse activities, craft show, threshing, corn shelling, plowing, blacksmith, and tractor rides. I am sure I missed several.

So here is your chance, go to our events calendar and pick a show near you. You won't be sorry.

Have a Great Summer