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1956 John Deere 60 Orchard

Paul Watral of Long Island, New York is a collector of rare and unusual antique farm tractors. His favorite are those with low serial numbers and very low production. In his collection of over 100 tractors several are one of a kind like this 1956 John Deere 60 Orchard.

Agricultural History Project

The Agricultural History Project located in Watsonville, California collects and restores local antique tractors. The group is made up of members with officers to oversee and assist in direction of the project. It has over 350 members and currently thirty tractors ranging from 1920 through 1965. The tractors and implements are shown at special events and parades to create awareness and preserve the history of California agriculture. The tractors and implements provide a visual to the onlooker that a photo could never capture. The size and shape of today’s tractors compared to those manufactured at the turn of the century bear little comparison. Even the tractor featured in this article is dwarfed by some of the earlier steam powered models of days past. 

Restoration of an Oliver 77 by Dave Henderson of Colo, Iowa

Dave Hendersons Oliver.jpg
When Curtis Henderson purchased his 1955 Oliver Super 77 from Tudor Farm Equipment in Zearing, Iowa he could have never guessed the affect it would have on his young son David. David Henderson of Colo, Iowa is the current owner of his fathers old tractor.

Ode To My Grandather’s John Deere

Robert Warland of Fort Dodge, Iowa is currently the owner of his fathers 1936 John Deere A. In his story he recalls an earlier time when daily chores of man and animal were replaced by machine. Robert’s father, Joseph W. Warland purchased the A new from the local John Deere dealership that was located in downtown Fort Dodge, Iowa at the time. Robert fully restored the A after he purchased it many years later. Robert’s son Joel wrote this tribute the family’s tractor. Ode To My Grandather’s John Deere By Joel Warland

Ray Haffner's 1949 Farmall Cub

Ray Haffner of Springfield, Missouri had his first encounter with a Farmall Cub when he was a young lad in his hometown of Pomeroy, Iowa. It was the late forties and he was at the Clay County Fair in Spencer, Iowa. He visited the International Harvester booth and there it sat the prettiest little red tractor he had ever seen. “I just admired the beautiful little red tractor,” said Ray.

1940 Farmall H

Frederick Allmaras’s was a young child when his father Alfons purchased this new 1943 Farmall H. At the tender age of 6 Frederick learned to drive on this tractor. This was the main tractor for the Allmaras farm giving many years of service doing farm work. Alfons purchased the H at Haas Inc. in New Rockford, North Dakota in 1943. It was a very popular model and 390,000 were manufactured. The H has a four-cylinder gasoline engine with 3 3/8 X 4 ¼ “ bore and stroke.

1941 Farmall B

Farmall B Roy Johnson.jpg
My Farmall “B”, By Roy K Johnson, LaSalle, Colorado In 1902, my parents immigrated to the United States from Sweden. They became citizens, and eventually migrated to Colorado and began farming. They farmed the land with horses for many years, before buying their first tractor a Farmall “B.”

1949 International Harvester Farmall Cub

Larry Lanker.jpg
1949 International Harvester Farmall Cub Larry Lanker of Xenia, Ohio inherited his grandfathers 1949 Farmall Cub. Perry Lanker, Larry’s grandfather, purchased the Cub in April of 1949 from Smith Sales & Service, Lawrenceville, Illinois. Larry said, this tractor is not only special to him because both his grandfather and father, Lawrence Lanker have owned it but he was with his grandfather when he took delivery in 1949. It has been owned by the lanker family since. After Perry purchased the tractor Larry said, I would work my 'tail end off' just to get to drive the tractor.

Restoring a 1959 John Deere 630

630 steamcleaned.jpg
My son Bryce and I left on a Saturday morning in October, 2010, at 2 am from Lenoir City, Tennessee. We drove our 2007 GMC Duramax and pulled a 14K goose-neck our friend Chad graciously loaned to us. The trip to Kalona, Iowa, was 1500 miles round-trip, and we returned on Sunday at 2:30 am. We Praise God for a safe trip! The 630 was even nicer than I had hoped it would be. It runs nicely and has no leaks (after we took EXCESS oil out of the crankcase and power steering). It had been repainted, but needs to be completely "taken down" to really "show her stuff".

Ian's Tractor

Ian Stahl of Dunlap, Illinois is one seven-year-old that doesn’t mind hand-me-downs, as long as they are tractors. This 1953 IH Farmall Super M was handed down through three generations of Stahls before it got to Ian. Ian’s great grandfather, Aaron Stahl, purchased the Super M new in 1953 at Kuhn Implement in Dunlap, Illinois, which closed in 1961. Aaron passed it to his son Bill, Ian’s grandfather, who later passed it on to Ian’s father, Jason.