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Restoring a 1959 John Deere 630

By Anonymous - Posted on 22 November 2010

630 steamcleaned.jpgMy son Bryce and I left on a Saturday morning in October, 2010, at 2 am from Lenoir City, Tennessee. We drove our 2007 GMC Duramax and pulled a 14K goose-neck our friend Chad graciously loaned to us. The trip to Kalona, Iowa, was 1500 miles round-trip, and we returned on Sunday at 2:30 am. We Praise God for a safe trip! The 630 was even nicer than I had hoped it would be. It runs nicely and has no leaks (after we took EXCESS oil out of the crankcase and power steering). It had been repainted, but needs to be completely "taken down" to really "show her stuff". I immediately began searching the internet for parts that I wanted or needed to replace - to achieve that "good as new" look. I have purchased new: fenders & brackets, lights, seat cushions, gear shift knob, hydraulic grip, distrib cap, air stack bowl, fuel cap & grommet, sediment bowl, steering wheel & cap, radiator cap, hood medallion, muffler(to be ceramic-coated locally), grill screens, plug wires, battery box, acorn nuts, and a custom cover. I am still looking for an 801 3-point, a 3-piece front weight set, and will purchase 4 new tires. I have steam-cleaned the 630, sand-blasted the hoods, and have been wire-brushing the cast parts mostly down to bare metal before priming. The only mechanical repair needed is to remove and free up the brakes (tomorrow morning). Then I will spend many more hours scouring the rest of the 630 to make ready for priming. We plan to use 1-step JD Classic urethane on the tractor engine and chassis and 2-step urethane on the hoods, fenders, battery box, flywheel cover, and pulley cover. This project is big and long - just like eating an elephant: one bite at a time, and it will eventually be finished, IF I don't quit (and I would never).
630 steamcleaned.jpg