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1956 John Deere 60 Orchard

By donna - Posted on 21 July 2008

john_deere_orchard.jpgPaul Watral of Long Island, New York is a collector of rare and unusual antique farm tractors. His favorite are those with low serial numbers and very low production. In his collection of over 100 tractors several are one of a kind like this 1956 John Deere 60 Orchard. Paul has restorer Dan Peterman of Rusty Acres Restoration in Webster City, Iowa notify him anytime he runs across a rare tractor fitting his criteria. Dan saw this tractor on Ebay and Paul purchased it in November of 2006 from Harlan Kruger in Minnesota. It was only a carcass with a good serial number tag. Dan picked it up in Minnesota and took it to Iowa. As Dan began to disassemble the 60, he discovered industrial yellow paint under all the rust and green paint. By doing a serial number search through Two-Cylinder magazine it proved nearly with out a doubt this tractor came from the factory painted industrial yellow. Deere originally manufactured a total of 440 two-cylinder all fuel orchards. Records indicate one buyer placed a special order for two tractors painted industrial yellow. Tracking shows John Deere shipped two industrial yellow 60 Orchard tractors, from the Waterloo, Iowa factory to a Winterhaven, Florida dealership. It was repainted green at some time in its life, a secret it held until Dan began working on it. Neither Paul nor Dan knows if the other yellow 60 still exists. Paul feels his 60 spent most of its years working in Florida orchards. He has few details of the tractors life or how it ended up over 1500 miles away in Minnesota. Dan worked on the 60 for about four months completely restoring all aspects of this tractor. Nearly every part was repaired or replaced resulting in an end product that even the factory wouldn’t be able to improve on. Paul and his wife Kathy and their son Rob are actively involved in antique tractor collecting. Paul is a member of the Long Island Tractor Club of Long Island, New York. All of Paul’s antique tractors are kept on display and he attends shows throughout the year. He attended the Two-Cylinder Expo in Waterloo, Iowa in 2007 with the 60.