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1941 Farmall B

By donna - Posted on 08 June 2009

Farmall B Roy Johnson.jpgMy Farmall “B”, By Roy K Johnson, LaSalle, Colorado In 1902, my parents immigrated to the United States from Sweden. They became citizens, and eventually migrated to Colorado and began farming. They farmed the land with horses for many years, before buying their first tractor a Farmall “B.”
I remember my dad saying how much faster it was with a tractor rather than a horse, no more having to rest the horses at the end of the fields or brush them down before work. Dad bought a one bottom, two-way plow, and a mowing machine and had a blacksmith make a manure loader for the Farmall “B.” The manure loader consisted of a transmission from a truck mounted on the drawbar, with a belt running to the belt pulley, and a couple of high beams on the front with cables running from the transmission. The bucket on the loader was manually tripped so you had to keep backing up as the bucket was lowered to reset it. I think we could load the manure spreader faster by hand! My parents have been gone nearly 41 years now and I am still farming. A few years ago I was at a farm sale when I saw a 1941 Farmall “B” for sale. I knew that I had to have that tractor and I bought it for $1,300. Well, I pounded out the dents, painted it and got it running. In the attached picture I am proudly standing next to my Farmall “B” tractor. After all these years, I sometimes I wonder if this could be the very same one that had belonged to my dad.
Farmall B Roy Johnson.jpg