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Remembering Snow Ice Cream and Snow Angels

By donna - Posted on 20 December 2013

Visiting with older relatives is sometime boring to the teens in the household, but will often totally facinate the younger children. Well guess what; I am now one of the older relatives that bores the teens and facinates the younger children. Due to the size of our family, from time to time a youngster will have to eat at the antique table during the holidays, no the table is not antique, the people that eat there are acording to my grandchildren. That's when they get to learn about the "olden Days".

At a recent family get together the dicussion turned to fun things to do. I shared with them that when I was there age the word mall didn't exist yet in our area of the country. A video game? That was in the future, as was color television, cable, the internet, texting, cell phones, even a cordless phone. Kids learned to drive on the family tractor or old pick-up.

How boring! What did you do for fun? Did you just stay in the house all winter they asked? NO way ! We enjoyed the snow; snow wasn't made for shoveling. We made snow men, snow angels, forts, with snowball fights, and played fox and goose. Rolling each other in the snow, oh my gosh how we enjoyed it. We lived half way up a hill, with a long driveway that made a perfect sledding hill. If we got a real good snow pack we could make it all the way past the end of our driveway down another hill to the river. We never had to worry too much about cars everyone in the neighborhood knew it was the sled path and entered with caution. Most of the time we had to park at the bottom, and walk up anyway, because it was too slick. But the all time favorite was making snow ice cream. Something that is unheard of now days, we are so germ concious.  

We would wait for a fresh snow and go outside filling dish pans with only the cleanest top quality snow. Like cotton candy snow disolves when it is wet. But we would add sugar, milk and vanilla stiring quickly, and usually on the enclosed, unheated back porch, so it didn't melt completely, and partially because mom didn't want the mess in the house. shivering cold, we eagerly ate and enjoyed this slushy mixture that we called snow ice cream.

At the end of the day wet boots, mittens, and coats were all hung behind the heating stove to dry until morning. Did we get sick from all of this outdoor activities, and getting so cold that we could barely walk? Not too often, I don't think germs liked the cold.