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Taking home my 630 John Deere for restoration

For over 40 years I have wanted a 630 "to have and to hold". First Mom died, then Dad sold our farmhouse, then they dug holes with a cat and buried our buildings, then the grainery housing our 1956 GMC burned, melting the GMC. I can hardly bear to go back there any more, so I have chosen this John Deere 630 to be my "undying memory of my farm life". My youngest son Bryce, who is 25, "understands". He is my supporter in this worthwhile project, as I intend to have this 630 looking like new or even better by May of 2011 (his wedding). My new friend, Bill Harris, also understands, as he has restored many John Deeres. Bill offered to help me and is sharing his barn and all his wonderful equipment. I have been sandblasting and grinding a lot. Terry Goodwin is our body and paint man, and he also understands. We plan to use single-stage JD Classic urethane on the tractor engine and chassis and 2-stage urethane on the hoods, fenders, battery box, and flywheel cover. I have purchased fenders, lights, new cushions, and many other new accessories. I am looking for an 801 3-point, Roll-O-Matic, and triple front weights. The exhaust pipe and muffler will be ceramic-coated. The final touch will be 4 new tires and a custom cover. There is no machine made by man that is quite so beautiful as a freshly-restored John Deere 30-series tractor!