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Paul Watral Rare Spoker D

Paul Watral owns what he refers to as his missing puzzle piece. Paul had already purchased a tractor from the collection of Dr. Brent Leibert when he heard about this Spoker D in the same collection. The Spoker D began a new era of John Deere tractors; it was the first model produced after the Waterloo Boy. The odd name comes from the “spoked” flywheel that is unique only to early models; the later models were manufactured using a solid flywheel. A 1925 John Deere Spoker D was like finding the missing piece to a puzzle since it completed his John Deere D collection. The tractor was in fairly good condition, and the seller had already completed the mechanical portion, cleaned it up and installed new sheet metal. Paul purchased the D and contracted Dan Peterman, as he does all of his antique tractors, to haul it to his shop and complete the restoration. For Dan this was a distance of one hundred miles so it was much easier for him to haul it than Paul. Once Dan had the Spoker in his shop he completed the restoration, taking care to make sure all details of the tractor had been tended to. Resulting in this completely restored wonderful looking tractor shown here. Paul said he enjoys just looking at the Spoker; because it is one “big beautiful tractor.” He is very grateful to Dan for letting him know about this tractor. It is on display with Paul’s other collection of antique tractors at his Long Island home.