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1954 Orange John Deere 40 U

Rare Orange John Deere 40 U
This 1954 Orange John Deere 40 U is currently owned by Mark and Brett Anderson of Stratford, Iowa. It was formerly used by the Iowa Department of Transportation for mowing ditches. It is one of only a few non-green Anitque John Deere tractors manufactured. Watch for this tractors restoration story appearing soon on the Iron Memories web site. If you have a non-green John Deere tractor we would like to hear about it.
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This 1954 Orange John Deere 40 U is so old but looking very new just like a past back to life. John Deere is a reknown tractor company, they are introducing new and advance green colored tractors. This Orange John Deere is their very old but iconic model. Iron memories has given me opportunity to learn about old traditional farming equipments. tutoring services
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