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1930 Hart Parr New York Special 28-50

Sending along a few photos of my 1930 Hart Parr New York Special 28-50 tractor. The New York Special designation is because of the extra heavy rear and front wheels. According to the parts book, Hart Parr called this the New York Special tractor. Nothing is known why they called it the New York Special, maybe the state of NY or the city of NY ordered these extra heavy wheels to be used in road work, etc. Certainly these tractors were not used in ag work because of the weight of it. The rear wheels weigh 1700 lb. each, and the front wheels weigh 540 lb. each. The tractor weighs nearly 11,000 lb. It took me over 2 years of spare time to restore it. It was stuck when I purchased it and everything had to be taken apart and either rebuilt or find new parts. I did all the work and painting, except for machine work which I had a friend do. I will debut the tractor at this weekend Le Sueur Pioneer Power Show east of Le Sueur, Mn. At the show this year we hosting the national Ferguson Collectors. 4 fellows from Ireland will be in attendance and will disassemble and reassemble a Ferguson in a short time. Thanks for the Iron Memories website. Regards, Dave Preuhs, Le Center, Mn.