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The mystery of the Yellow Seat

By donna - Posted on 03 March 2014

1953 Massey Harris 22

Bill Breitzman of Campbellsport, Wisconsin uncovered a mystery while restoring his 1953 Massey Harris 22.

While sanding the seat he began to reveal that its original color was yellow. Since the standard color is red this is a mystery as to why his tractors seat was originally yellow.

Some speculate that perhaps during assembly they ran out of red seats near the end of the run and went over to the construction assembly line and brought over some yellow ones to complete the run.

A friend of Bill's has six Massey Harris 22s, and three of his tractors have red seats and the other three have yellow seats. Since the serial numbers are respectivley macthing for the 1952 and 1953 models they belive this may have been the answer and that it was a common practice.

If there are any Massey Harris historians that have knowledge that can solve this mystery we would be very interested in hearing from them.