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Love The Great Evener

By richard - Posted on 21 January 2014

I read this article and thought how many directions have we gone wrong.

In the 30's most of the field work such as plowing, dragging, cutting hay and grain was done with horses. Each had their own single tree hooked to an evener which in turn was hooked to the load. After driving a team together day after day, the horses sensed the importance of working at the  same speed and starting out together, thus keeping even.

I had a team who's names were Silver and Colonel that I broke and drove together for ten years. You know what? These horses became so fond of each other, they were inseparable. Each knew the strength and weakness of the other.

Colonel, as a colt, was fearful and jumpy. Silver had no fear. You could tap her on the back side when she didn't know you were there, yet she wouldn't twitch a muscle. She only turned her head as to ask, "What is it you want of me?" This assurance also calmed Colonel. The longer the two were together, they became as one. Yes, these are animals that learn from each other.

Why is it, then, that we, as a race of high intelligence, fail to see the importance in family living of pulling our load together as a team? Shouldn't we try to keep even and not get even? If the family of today were more like Silver and Colonel there would be no divorce, or another word for divorce would be device to get even. As Colonel felt the security of Silver, why can't we reach out our hand to others, giving them the security that we care?

Some of the touching words Solomon wrote in the 10th chapter of Proverbs were "Hatred stirreth up strife but love covereth all sins."