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Holiday Safety

By donna - Posted on 20 May 2015

As the first of the three big holidays arrive this weekend please don't forget to put safety first. Many of you will be traveling. The roads will be full of vehicles pulling trailers; everything from RV's to equipment on its way to an event. You have heard these same tips over and over but it never hurts to review them again

1. Get rest, don't start out on a trip without proper rest. Impaired judgment often can lead to an accident

2. Buckle Up, not only is this for your safety, but this is the time the law is watching for violators. Costly mistake not to wear your seat belt.

3. Don't drink and drive, once again it impairers your judgment, and can lead to a costly as well as deadly mistake.

4. Watch your distance it is not as easy to stop when pulling a trailer.

5. Watch your distance once again when attempting to pass another vehicle with a trailer, or when pulling a trailer it is not like passing a car.

6. When you get there be aware of food safety, no one wants to become ill from a food borne illness. Keep cold foods cold, and hot foods hot. If in doubt throw it out.

7. Be careful with campfires and grills, especially around young children. Make sure all fires are out before you leave, or retire for the evening.

8. If fireworks are in the plan make sure to read and follow all instructions for their use and above all make sure the type you are using are legal in the area you are using them. They may be legal in your state but not where you are using them. Better still leave them to the trained professionals, and attend a celebration featuring a fireworks display.

9. Put safety first, and have a happy holiday, and don't donate to the "ticket fund" by breaking the law.

In addition; respect your environment and dispose of your trash in a proper receptacle, or take it with you to dispose of at home. Leave our parks, campgrounds and roadways the way you would like them to be when you arrive.