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Delo Tractor Restoration Competition 20th Anniversary

By donna - Posted on 28 July 2015

20th Anniversary Delo Tractor Restoration Competition

2015 will mark the 20th anniversary of the Delo TRC (Tractor Restoration Competition) that is held annually. This year Chevron will salute all past participants, fianlists, and their families as they recognize and celebrate the events 20th year.

The competition started in 1995 as a special recognition to these young adults who have learned to overcome the obstacles involved in their special projects.

According to a recent Delo TRC press release, the competition has grown to become an academic and community legacy as high school students from across the country competed, and grew to involve the entire community.

Each year students have entered their restoration projects into this competition, learning valuable life skills along the way. The competition requires a combination of hard work, teamwork, management skills, fund raising, and budgeting in addition to the hands-on technical skills of restoring an antique tractor.

Overcoming obstacles, and problem solving are a necessity when restoring an antique tractor. Since you can't just go to the parts store and pick up what you need, these students are challenged to find additional ways to obtain or fabricate and pay for the needed parts. Many twice their age would be hard pressed to meet the criteria expected of these teens in order to be accepted into the finals with their projects.

Record keeping of each step along the way, both financial and pictorial are another requirement of the competition. Much of this can now be done using a computer, evolving from the hand written ledger, and scrapbook of earlier years. It would be interesting to know just how many of the rest of us have faithfully followed through with this step when restoring an antique tractor, or any project. Even those with good intentions, how many can say they actually carried it thorough to the end. The undaunting diligence of these young adults will have provided them with skills that will benefit them through the remainder of their lives.

It will be interesting to see the ways past participants have used skills learned from this competition to benefit them in the years since they participated.

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Additional Pictures: 
RIley Hanson, Mindro, Wi 2013 Grand Champion
Cody Garrett, Cuero, Tx. 2014 Grand Champion