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Christmas Tradition

By richard - Posted on 18 December 2013

With Christmas just a few days away, what is your Christmas tradition? There are many ways to go for every family has their own tradition. The most popular, I think, is food. I must have certain foods for it to be a true Christmas dinner. I would make a  list, but I don't have that much time. OK, a must for me is Turkey, dressing and gravy, and at least 10 other items from sweet potatoes to pecan pie.

A more important tradition in our family is giving. I don't care what you give your kids or grandkids, that does not compare to the joy you get when you give to someone in need. They can be a stranger or next door neighbor.

Give a gift to someone you don't know. When you are shopping, and after you check out, give the cashier $20.00 to help the people behind you with there grocerys. Walk out the store and no one will know who you are. 

Go thru a fast food drive thru and pay for the person behind you.

There are many ways to give, so think up your own. Its fun, rewarding, and puts a smile on your face all day.

Make your own new tradition and have a very Merry Christmas.