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It's Show Time!

Now that winter is finally behind us it is time to start thinking about something besides moving snow. For those that live in the south, snow is this really cold white stuff that falls from the sky, piles up, and makes it hard to drive... I know, you knew that.

Anyway, back to the fun part. Our Show and events calendar is really getting full. If you are looking for something fun to do no matter what part of the country you are in you can, no doubt, find an antique tractor or equipment event to attend or participate in.

Brief History of the Cleveland Tractor Company

The Cleveland Motor Plow Company was incorporated in 1916. Founded by Rollin H. White, manufacturer of the White steam car, the company began building a 10 drawbar horsepower crawler tractor, called the model R. This tractor used a four cylinder Buda engine.

In 1917, the company's name was changed to the Cleveland Tractor Company. This year's model was called the H. It was rated at 12/20 horsepower and used a four cylinder Weidley engine.

First Farm Tractor With Front Wheel Assist

First Farm Tractor With Front Wheel Assist 1962 The Oliver 1800 Series B FWA diesel with front wheel assist was ahead of its time when it became the first tractor with a powered front axle to be tested at the Nebraska Tractor Test Laboratory. When tested, the 1800 Series B FWA model had 76.97 PTO horsepower and 64.04 horsepower on the drawbar. A nearly identical 1900 Series B FWA delivered 100.62 PTO and 90.16 drawbar horsepower, making it Oliver's first over 100 horsepower tractor.

Dare to be Different

This weekend I had the pleasure of attending The Cruise to the Woods, the largest classic car cruise in the state of Iowa. For the past 26 years the W.C. Cruisers car club has hosted this event. It is currently held at the Webster County Agricultural Center in Fort Dodge, Iowa the first Sunday in October. This year’s cruise brought in over 1,100 classic cars from Iowa and surrounding states.

Restoration of an Oliver 77 by Dave Henderson of Colo, Iowa

Dave Hendersons Oliver.jpg
When Curtis Henderson purchased his 1955 Oliver Super 77 from Tudor Farm Equipment in Zearing, Iowa he could have never guessed the affect it would have on his young son David. David Henderson of Colo, Iowa is the current owner of his fathers old tractor.