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The Brockway Tractor Company

By richard - Posted on 08 June 2011

     On, or about the year 1936, the Brockway family formed the All American Tractor Company. Soon after, the name was changed to The Brockway Tractor Company. Few tractors were built, but those that were had 1928 Chevrolet engines,transmissions and final drives. In 1939, the Brockway Truck Company asked the tractor company to change its name. In 1940, the Leader Tractor Company was formed. 1943 brought a lot of changes and WW II stopped the tractor business. In 1945, steel became available and the Brockway family was building tractors again. This time, the tractors were powered with new Hercules IXB-5 engines. In 1948, Walter Schott had control of 85% of the production of Leader tractors and other farm equipment manufactured by the Brockways, which ultimately forced the Brockways out of business. The Leader Tractor Company, under Walter Schott's control, closed in the mid 1950's.