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Antique Tractor Stories

By donna - Posted on 12 June 2015

I have been getting calls from people asking what happened the annual Iron Memories book featuring antique tractor stories. To the disappointment for readers without the internet, the printed book has been discontinued, but the antique tractor stories go on. You no longer have to wait a whole year to read new stories, and it is FREE. All you need to do is come to the Iron Memories website and select the stories button from the tool bar to read the stories that are submitted.

Owners have two options to have their story posted, you may send them to me and I will write the story and post it, or you can create an account and add your own story. Unlike the print book, the website won't run out of space so all stories can be posted and you may include many more photos of your tractor and restoration project.

E-mail me at and request an outline to fill out the needed information for the story. Then fill it out and send it back to the same e-mail address along with your photos and I will add the story once I have it written. Or as I said earlier you may add them yourself if you choose.

Now, lets have some fun and see how many stories we can share.