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Antique Combine Collectors

By donna - Posted on 16 March 2011

Antique Combine Collectors
Collecting antique tractors has been a well known hobby for several years. Not so familiar are combine collectors. I'm sure if space wasn't an issue there would be many more. Combines require a considerable amount of space to store and transporting them is much more difficult than transporting a tractor. Combine collectors often attend antique field demonstrations put on by antique power clubs. Individuals with a variety of antique equipment, like Dennis Crockett and fellow farmer Charlie Klein of Langdon, North Dakota, will put on their own demonstration to show how farming was done in the past. The equipment is put through its paces, preforming harvest duties as they would have taken place years ago. With technology improving daily, the slower pace and smaller capacaties of 25-30 years ago will leave you wondering how the farmer found time to get it all done. Crockett has ten antique combines, all are stored inside but space is growing scarce. He prefers Masseys and still has some he is looking for to complete his collection. As he finds them he will have to make some decesions on possibly sharing some of his current models with area museums, if they have inside storage to keep them from deteroation due to the weather.
He went into city a few times before the outside gig to educate some of the better factors of strategy to youngsters at the Clef Team on Southern Wide Road.
I've been loving combines ever since I saw that video "Crazy" from Aerosmith. I know it sounds, well, crazy, but I've always wanted to do that. Unfortunately going to automobile donation centers won't help me much in buying one or a field to play on, for that matter.
Enjoy all your articles, espically this one. Didn't know anyone was a serious collector. I have an Allis 66 All Crop Harvester. If you know anyone who wants it in Florida Let me know. I really enjoy your Iron Memories web site. Thanks, Elaine

Thank you for your kind words Elaine. I too did not realize how many people collect antique farm equipment other than tractors. We often hear about the tractors but not so often regarding the other farm equipment collections. If you want to sell your antique combine, you can place a free classified ad to our readers and maybe find it a good home.


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