Yuba Ball Tread Tractor

The Yuba Manufacturing Co. of Marysville, California (formerly of Yuba City, Washington), USA bought the Ball-Tread Co. of Detroit, Michigan in 1914. The existing tractor line was then rebranded as Yuba.

Love The Great Evener

I read this article and thought how many directions have we gone wrong.

In the 30's most of the field work such as plowing, dragging, cutting hay and grain was done with horses. Each had their own single tree hooked to an evener which in turn was hooked to the load. After driving a team together day after day, the horses sensed the importance of working at the  same speed and starting out together, thus keeping even.

Remembering Snow Ice Cream and Snow Angels

Visiting with older relatives is sometime boring to the teens in the household, but will often totally facinate the younger children. Well guess what; I am now one of the older relatives that bores the teens and facinates the younger children. Due to the size of our family, from time to time a youngster will have to eat at the antique table during the holidays, no the table is not antique, the people that eat there are acording to my grandchildren.

Christmas Tradition

With Christmas just a few days away, what is your Christmas tradition? There are many ways to go for every family has their own tradition. The most popular, I think, is food. I must have certain foods for it to be a true Christmas dinner. I would make a  list, but I don't have that much time. OK, a must for me is Turkey, dressing and gravy, and at least 10 other items from sweet potatoes to pecan pie.

My Dad - My Grandpa

Any engine man who has ever had an exhibit is very familiar with this term or expression, My Dad - My Grandpa.

New Twist on Old Holiday Vegetable Favorites

It wouldn't be a holiday feast if someone didn't bring the escalloped corn or Green Bean Casserole at our house.

As the family is growing up and our children and grand children are becoming adults they are also some inspiring cooks. So our old recipes have changed in recent years. The Green Bean Casserole no longer is topped with the fried onions, and the escalloped corn no longer contains cracker crumbs. Both recipes remain simple to prepare and easy to bake and take, and so easy even the youngest cook in the family can make them.

If you enjoy this sample.

Nichols & Shepard

Nichols & Shepard began developing a gas tractor in 1911 and produced only a limited number in 1912. Two sizes were available; a 28-50 and a 35-70. The huge 35-70 was of two cylinder design. Its 10 1/2x14 inch bore and stroke developed well over 90 belt horsepower, yet its rated engine speed was only 375 RPMs. Weight of this trctor was 30,000 pounds. The mere size of this tractor soon made it obsolete and it gave way to the many smaller tractors coming onto the market. Even so, it was still offered as late as 1922.

Your Tractor Could be A Winner

Antique John Deere from past Iron Memories edition

For the past twelve years Heartland Communications Group, Inc. has published the Iron Memories collector book. This book contains 25-30 stories featuring antique tractors, complete with many color photos and documents provided to us by their owners. Each year we select a variety of tractor brands from the entries received to feature in that year’s edition.


At this time we are accepting entries for the 2014 edition.

Tips On Staying Warm While Working Outside

I realized just how cold a minus 18 wind chill feels as I scraped the ice and snow from my car before coming to work this morning. I had quickly thrown on my coat to shovel the walkway to my car, I soon began to recall my fathers warnings from my childhood, regarding how to dress to work outside, and wished I had followed them.

Coming from a logging family in Wisconsin and working in construction most of his adult life, Dad's "tips" on how to stay warm were not something he had read from a text book, they were true life experiences.

Joe Dain Tractor Story

The experimental work on this tractor dates back to 1914. The inventor was Joe Dain, Sr. There were a few experimental machines put out, each year, until 1918, when 100 were built. These machines were built at a factory located on 10th Street, East Moline, Illinois. This was where the John Deere Harvester Works began its existence. Elmer McCormick, who later was Chief engineer at Waterloo, Iowa, supervised the manufacturing. The Dain tractor project was dropped upon the purchase of the Waterloo Plant.

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