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Antique John Deere from past Iron Memories edition

For the past twelve years Heartland Communications Group, Inc. has published the Iron Memories collector book. This book contains 25-30 stories featuring antique tractors, complete with many color photos and documents provided to us by their owners. Each year we select a variety of tractor brands from the entries received to feature in that year’s edition.


At this time we are accepting entries for the 2014 edition.

Tips On Staying Warm While Working Outside

I realized just how cold a minus 18 wind chill feels as I scraped the ice and snow from my car before coming to work this morning. I had quickly thrown on my coat to shovel the walkway to my car, I soon began to recall my fathers warnings from my childhood, regarding how to dress to work outside, and wished I had followed them.

Coming from a logging family in Wisconsin and working in construction most of his adult life, Dad's "tips" on how to stay warm were not something he had read from a text book, they were true life experiences.

Joe Dain Tractor Story

The experimental work on this tractor dates back to 1914. The inventor was Joe Dain, Sr. There were a few experimental machines put out, each year, until 1918, when 100 were built. These machines were built at a factory located on 10th Street, East Moline, Illinois. This was where the John Deere Harvester Works began its existence. Elmer McCormick, who later was Chief engineer at Waterloo, Iowa, supervised the manufacturing. The Dain tractor project was dropped upon the purchase of the Waterloo Plant.

The Mighty "99" Oliver

The Oliver 99 four cylinder tractor was produced from 1938 until 1952. The origin of this tractor began in 1930 when the new Oliver Farm Equipment Co. introduced the 18-27, 18-28 and the 28-44 models of tractors. The 99 has its roots in the 28-44, Oliver's largest tractor of the time.

Fall Auctions are an Antique Tractor Buyers Paradise

It is not uncommon to see a large number of  “antique tractors” (over thirty years-old) show up at farm equipment auctions this time of year, and this year is no exception. If fact during the past thirty days they have outnumbered the newer models. 


Many of the antique tractors sold at auctions during the last thirty days have been reconditioned and are selling for premium dollars. While those in original condition are bringing $500 to $1,000, the reconditioned ones are selling for $10,000 - $20,000 in many instances.

Fall Safety Precautions


Fall has always been associated with harvest in the farming industry. With harvest comes a whole new set of safety precautions. Many work from dawn to well into the night to get their crops out of the fields. In addition all of the daily chores must continue to be done. Unless you have the luxury of hired help those chores are an additional burden and rest is also a luxury. Many don't think about getting proper rest as a safety precaution, but your judgement is not as keen when you are tired, and you just want to hurry up and get the work done.

The Importance of a Junk Pile

Behind every successful workshop lies a valuable junk pile. Everyone has his own ideas of a junk pile and I wish to bring out the positive side of this issue. When I speak of Junk, I am referring only to an iron pile. I do not wish to speak about the city dump yards or a salvage yard, nor do I classify a stack of old washers and dryers as important junk.

Chevron Delo TRC Video Voting Begins Monday September 9,2013


Chevron is pleased to announce the 2013 Delo Tractor Restoration Competition vi

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