Getting in Touch With History

Get off the interstate and out of the city and you will find there is a whloe new and interesting world out there. This is something that I cannot express enough to anyone looking for something to do on vacation.

The cost to take a family on vacation will zap a savings account so quickly that you won't know what happened. The price of admission once you get there makes many attractions out of reach for some families. Did you know there are hundreds of places around the country that have free or nearly free admission, some only ask for a free will donation to help fund the project.

It's Show Time!

Now that winter is finally behind us it is time to start thinking about something besides moving snow. For those that live in the south, snow is this really cold white stuff that falls from the sky, piles up, and makes it hard to drive... I know, you knew that.

Anyway, back to the fun part. Our Show and events calendar is really getting full. If you are looking for something fun to do no matter what part of the country you are in you can, no doubt, find an antique tractor or equipment event to attend or participate in.

The Value of a Hobby

As I write this, it's the beginning of a new year. There's been a lot going on in the antique tractor hobby. Some collectors have been dispersing their collections, while others keep adding to theirs. Just when you think you have the pricing figured out, another auction or private sale goes by and new information has to be added to what you thought you knew. Later model tractors continue to be increasingly popular and implement signs are very fast also. Lawn tractors continue to be very active as does the memorabilia side. There are many different kinds of collectors. From cast iron seats to the old steel wrenches. I couldn't name all hobby collections, but if your interested they are all fun.

More Antique Tractors Selling at Auction During 2014

Over the past twevle months the individual in charge of compiling retail stats for antique tractors and combines for my company has commented that there were fewer of these types of equipment advertised for sale. At first I would say something like I felt that it would get better later on, or some other reason, but that never happened. The end of the year tally is in, and the retail numbers of antique tractors and combines advertised was down by 32%. On the other hand the same equipment types increased by 28% in the auction marketplace for the year. How ever the auction numbers did decline during November and December 2014.

December Auctions Offer Lower Numbers of Antique Farm Equipment

With the exception of a couple of large antique farm equipment and memorabilia auctions the amout of antique equipment selling at farm equipment auctions is down considerably from November.

While compiling results for my December monthly auction report it became apparent that there seemed to be fewer peices of antique farm equipment sold than during the thirty days prior to my November report. After doing a numbers comparison I found that I was correct in my assumption, Not only were the numbers down some, they are down by 36% over November.

Happy Holidays to Our Readers, Spread A Little Sunshine

As the holiday season is fast approaching I would like to take a minute to thank all of our readers and wish you a happy holiday season no matter what beliefs you may have. Be thankful you live in a country that you can have that belief.

What is the Value of my Antique Farm Equipment

What is the value of my antique tractor, sign or other memorbillia? This question is one I hear often. I have to say it depends on many factors including condition and cash flow which are big contributors. Many of you have restored your antique tractor and have no idea what the traffic will bear when you decide to sell it. Maybe dad had an old feed sign and now your are cleaning up the homestead and want to sell it. Even a professional appraisal is not the clear answer. Most of the time the economy plays a big part, even a skillfully done full restoration may sell for a small amount if the prospective buyers don't have the capital to pay, and vice versa.

Staying Cool is a top Priority in Hot Weather

Staying safe during outdoor summer activities is always a priority. Be sure that keeping cool and avoiding heat exhaustion or heat stroke is on your to do list.

Did you realize that the lightweight shirt you just put on may end up causing you to feel warmer? Garments made from polyester and similar fabrics may be light weight but do not breathe well. They hold in the heat and are a good recipe for a heat related incident.

Ethanol and Antique Farm Engines

Ethanol is maybe not a popular topic to talk about with other people. Everyone has there opinion, some people like it, others put up with it, and some don't like it at all. I have used it for years with no problems. I have a friend that if ethanol was the only fuel available for his antique tractor he would leave it the shed and walk.

Ten Agricultural Inventions That Changed Farming in America

     Think about all the inventions related to farming from 100+ years ago to now. The brilliants of all those inventors were in a class of there own. Here are what I consider to be the 10 most significant agricultural inventions.

1. Cotton Gin: In 1793, Eli Whitney built a machine consisting of a row of close-set wheels with saw-like teeth around their perimeters. The wheels proturded through narrow slits between metal bars into a hopper filled with cotton bolls. As the wheels revolved, the teeth caught the cotton fibers and pulled them through the slits, which were too narrow for the seeds to pass, thus separating the two.

Whitney's cotton gin allowed 1,000 pounds of cotton to be cleaned in the time it took one man to do 5 pounds by hand.

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