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1974 International Harvester Model 500 8 Row Cyclo Planter

By donna - Posted on 06 January 2009

1974 International Harvester Model 500 8 Row Cyclo Planter
Roger Lubiens of Fullerton, North Dakota shares the story of his 1974 International Harvester Model 500 Cyclo planter. The Cyclo planter was the dawn of a new age in planting for 1971. A planter using a plateless design and a flow of air, that offered precision planting of corn, beans, and sunflowers. Available in 4,6,8, or 12 row design, planting could be precision driven and electronically monitored. In my 1974 Model 500 Cyclo, I am planting a food plot of field corn for wildlife in Dickey County, North Dakota. This eight row planter conveniently spaces my rows 30 inch wide, and with the aid of planting sprockets, the planting rate can be varied from 17,000 to 35,000 seeds per acre for corn. In this field, I’m using a setting of 27,000. As you can see, an air drum spins the seeds and deliver the seeds to each of the eight rows through black hoses. A Dickey Monitor was used in the 70’s to monitor the flow and rate of seed. In these pictures the corn is being planted, and 85 days later the harvest of some delicious sweet corn takes place. With planting this season on June 5th, we enjoyed a bounty of sweet corn at the farm in late August. If you are ever near the farm in late summer, stop by to enjoy it with us.
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