Taking a breather from Farm Work

Photo courtesy of Kurt Kelsey

Along with the staff of Heartland Communications, I wish each of you a happy, healthy, and safe holiday season and New Year.

Now is the time when you can take a breather from farm work and spend a little time on a vacation or hobby. Like many farmers you may enjoy restoring antique tractors. You may have used our equipment listings to locate equipment for your daily operations, but did you know we could also help you locate an antique for your next project?

Delo Tractor Restoration Competition 20th Anniversary

20th Anniversary Delo Tractor Restoration Competition

2015 will mark the 20th anniversary of the Delo TRC (Tractor Restoration Competition) that is held annually. This year Chevron will salute all past participants, fianlists, and their families as they recognize and celebrate the events 20th year.

The competition started in 1995 as a special recognition to these young adults who have learned to overcome the obstacles involved in their special projects.

According to a recent Delo TRC press release, the competition has grown to become an academic and community legacy as high school students from across the country competed, and grew to involve the entire community.

Thanksgiving in July

When I think about the fourth of July holiday, and what it stands for I feel it is just as much a time for giving thanks as the official Thanksgiving holiday in November.

We have so much to be thankful for. One is living in a country that allows free enterprise to thrive. With out it I dare to think about all of todays creature comforts we might be living without. I wonder if people like Henry Ford, Cyrus McCormick, and others like them ever realized what doors their inventions opened for farming and industry in general.

We can be thankful in the fact that our government allows us to select those we each feel is right for the job of running our country. We might not always agree but right or wrong it was our choice.

Uncle Sam

With the 4th of July coming soon made me think of a article I saw a while back. Written by Larry Leitzke.

Back in the twenties we had telephone and electricity, but no radio. After supper on the long winter nights, I would wait for my dad to come in from the barn. He would lie down on our leather couch and I would crawl up and sit on the edge of the couch and he would tell me stories. He always made the honest man seem like such a winner, no matter what the trial or temptation. He would say "Don't judge any man whether he be Republican, or Democrat, Jew, Catholic or Protestant, as all were Americans".

Antique Tractor Stories

I have been getting calls from people asking what happened the annual Iron Memories book featuring antique tractor stories. To the disappointment for readers without the internet, the printed book has been discontinued, but the antique tractor stories go on. You no longer have to wait a whole year to read new stories, and it is FREE. All you need to do is come to the Iron Memories website and select the stories button from the tool bar to read the stories that are submitted.

Holiday Safety

As the first of the three big holidays arrive this weekend please don't forget to put safety first. Many of you will be traveling. The roads will be full of vehicles pulling trailers; everything from RV's to equipment on its way to an event. You have heard these same tips over and over but it never hurts to review them again

1. Get rest, don't start out on a trip without proper rest. Impaired judgment often can lead to an accident

2. Buckle Up, not only is this for your safety, but this is the time the law is watching for violators. Costly mistake not to wear your seat belt.

3. Don't drink and drive, once again it impairers your judgment, and can lead to a costly as well as deadly mistake.

Things To Do This Summer

Reading the blogs that Donna wrote about all the events and shows all over the U.S.. caught my interest. My interest in all the antique equipment and the history behind it just gets my curiosity stirring. No, I do not wish I would have lived back then, but I do understand and appreciate the challenge and hard work that the farmers did each day to survive.

That brings us to today and summer threshing shows. They give all of us just a taste of what farmers had to do in the past. I say just a taste because I go to shows and walk around and watch other people crank the tractors and pitch the oat straw in the threshers.

Getting in Touch With History

Get off the interstate and out of the city and you will find there is a whloe new and interesting world out there. This is something that I cannot express enough to anyone looking for something to do on vacation.

The cost to take a family on vacation will zap a savings account so quickly that you won't know what happened. The price of admission once you get there makes many attractions out of reach for some families. Did you know there are hundreds of places around the country that have free or nearly free admission, some only ask for a free will donation to help fund the project.

It's Show Time!

Now that winter is finally behind us it is time to start thinking about something besides moving snow. For those that live in the south, snow is this really cold white stuff that falls from the sky, piles up, and makes it hard to drive... I know, you knew that.

Anyway, back to the fun part. Our Show and events calendar is really getting full. If you are looking for something fun to do no matter what part of the country you are in you can, no doubt, find an antique tractor or equipment event to attend or participate in.

The Value of a Hobby

As I write this, it's the beginning of a new year. There's been a lot going on in the antique tractor hobby. Some collectors have been dispersing their collections, while others keep adding to theirs. Just when you think you have the pricing figured out, another auction or private sale goes by and new information has to be added to what you thought you knew. Later model tractors continue to be increasingly popular and implement signs are very fast also. Lawn tractors continue to be very active as does the memorabilia side. There are many different kinds of collectors. From cast iron seats to the old steel wrenches. I couldn't name all hobby collections, but if your interested they are all fun.

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